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Who is Neil?

Neil is a graduate from Northumbria with a first-class honors degree in Computer and Network Technology and a masters distinction in Advanced Computer Science. He has also worked as an IT Administrator for over 3 years. He has designed websites professionally for over 5 years, developing a wide portfolio of example work.

Website Design

Having produced websites for over 5 years, Neil is able to cater his services to almost any business. He has produced website for community projects, charities, small businesses and university research groups. He prides himself in producing professional websites at an affordable cost.

Where many designers simply set up Wordpress with a template and leave the content to the client, Neil produces his websites using Joomla to create a website tailored to the clients needs. He understands that many businesses don't have the time or know-how to develop the content themselves, so develops the entire website start to finish. For those who wish to edit the site themselves afterwards, he offers a front-end tool which allows them to edit the site as easy as using Word.

With prices from only £300, contact Neil to find out how he can design a website for you tailored to your business.


Neil has produced many professional and community websites over the years, check some of them out below: